August 13, 2010

By the way

By the way, here is what I think of as an interesting thing: the picture below, the one of all us ALTs, was framed and given as a prize to 50 of the students who solved the mystery correctly. When they told me this, my jaded American self snorted internally. `What teenager would want a picture of their camp counselors? One they`re not even in?`

To be fair to me, I`m from New York. You give a sixteen year old something like that there and they`ll ask you to your face if you`re fucking kidding.

But here? The kids went nuts for them! The ones who lost actually got upset that they didn`t get a sweet gaijin pic. Then they took out their cell phones and took as many as they possibly could themselves. I alone must have posed for two dozen, and I`m not a dreamy foreign boy. I can`t even count how many our more kakkoii* ALTs must have stood through.

Kids! Go figure.

*(`Cool,` but typically used to mean a hot guy.)

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