September 01, 2010


Bits and pieces from this week:


One of my schools has a festival coming up. I've been asked to sing a solo.

In "We Are The World."

My Life Is Awesome.


Continuing the "Gaijinesse is destined for illness" thread, today I met a very sweet girl. The least shy person I've met here, by far. She played with my phone, held her phone up to my ear so I could hear her Just Dance ringtone, messed around with my papers, hung out with me in the cafeteria... and then hours later casually mentioned, "Oh, my throat hurts, So and So thinks I have a cold."

My Life is Less Awesome.

(To be fair to her, I felt like hell all day. If I wasn't sick before, though, I bet I am now. Of course, if she wasn't sick before, she probably is now. Sorry!)


I met a guy who seriously was dressed, during a normal day, like he was about to be on the cover of GQ. He wasn't particularly bad looking from the neck up -- but from the neck down, he looked like one of the guys from Inception. Gaijinesse Approved!


I keep being told that the transportation here is, like, the most reliable in the world. I was willing to accept that, while my bus is always late, it is so reliably late that I could probably set my watch by its lateness. Until it just didn't show up at all today.

This is the second time in a month that's happened, too. The first time, it was the train back from Yufuin. Oita public transportation, you are letting me down.


I saw my vice-principal Moonwalk today.

Really, My Life Is Awesome.


  1. Oita bus is kind of fail. :(

    The trains are good tho.

  2. I trust nothing! The train let me down, too. :(

    I just hope everything falls into place on Wednesday. I have to head down to Oita in the morning before night school and since I'm not taking nenkyuu I have, like, no margin of error.