December 09, 2010

Life in a Sub-Tropical-ish Climate

Now, I'm sure this isn't unique to Beppu.

But I can safely say that this is the only place I've ever lived where I've been able to see both this:

You possibly can't tell because of the terrible photography, but this is snow on Mt. Tsurumi.

A slightly different, yet equally terrible, angle.
 And this:

Freaking palm trees!

...during the same walk to the same school on the same day.


It's like that all over the place. Only maybe a third of the trees here are deciduous, so totally barren sticks are standing in the middle of lush, full greenery in the middle of December. It's very jarring to someone who's used to seasons that look more like seasons.

PS: Some bad stuff happened this week, so I took some crummy photos to take my mind off of it. Nothing life-altering (I hope, I should say, since it's not over yet), and I'm not going to talk about it here beyond that, but if you have a free moment, think some good thoughts at me and mi familia, okay?


  1. Yeah you get palm trees in Scotland too, and its NEVER warm there. The world's a strange place eh?$FILE/PalmsLogan.jpg

    Sending out positive thoughts too you and your fam. Hope it get better. xxx

  2. Thanks!

    ...Seriously, how did I not know about *palm trees in Scotland*?