January 15, 2011

Snoooooow! Snoooooooow in Beppu!

...Just thought you should know.

That's the view from my window now. For contrast, let's see what it looked like back in my first post:

Ah, summer.

It's actually snowed a few times -- way more than I'd expected -- but this is by far the most we've had. Come on, universe! I thought this place was supposed to be warm!*

Some advice for that future JET who comes to Oita: after December 1st, a great way to bond with your coworkers is to huddle around the kerosene heater at school, stick your hands under your arms, and mutter: "Sabii na**" over and over again. Not only will you have the shared experience of being bone-chillingly freezing, but they'll get a kick out of your attempts to speak the lingo.

*Incidentally, it turns out that not only is Kyushu not warm AT ALL during the winter, but because of the dreaded Japanese lack of insulation, I have been woken up in the middle of the night four nights this week from being so cold. With all my blankets and the heater on.

**This is real Oita-ben/Oita dialect. "Samui" is Japanese for cold. In typical slang, it's normal to hear "samii" instead. In Oita-ben, it becomes "sabii." The more you know star! I love dialects, so I have been very interested in learning Oita-ben. The teachers are very helpful because they find it hilarious.

Anyway, have a few more pictures:

Fun! I'm going back to bed.

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